Wind ~ it’s overrated!

The most common question / concern I get from new parents is about “wind”.  Wind is normal is not going to be life threatening or harmful to your baby.  A baby does’t get wind from too much food and you do not need to walk around the house for hours “trying to get wind up”.  Wind is a normal body function is is not the enemy and it is not the reason why a baby is crying.

All a baby needs to do it burp once after a feed.  If he doesn’t burp that ok it will not cause him any harm or pain. To understand wind you need to understand what a baby is feeling.  A newborn baby is pure and primitive and has not been conditioned to be quiet when he is passing wind or when he moves.  The baby will make noises constantly, squirm, fart, burp, hiccup, pull his legs up…all at once.  This is all normal.

When a baby burps or brings up wind it can be observed in tho following ways ~

1. Silent burping

2. Noisy burp

3. Hiccups

4. A small amount of milk coming up or positing

5. Or the wind has passed thru and it comes out the other end…i.e. farting!

All of the above is how a  baby passes wind.  If the baby doesn’t burp within a few minutes after you stop feeding go ahead and put him on the other side or continue with bottle feeding the baby.

Don’t walk around for hours banging him on the back.  Don’t rotate his legs like he is on a bicycle. Don’t give him water.  Don’t rub his tummy. Feed him!!


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