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Midwife Cath provides consultations on pregnancy, newborn, breastfeeding issues, infant and toddler feeding, and sleeping routines from birth to five years of age. Cath is an experienced midwife and maternal and child health nurse and can answer any question relating to your pregnancy, feeding your baby, general baby advice or parenting questions. There’s no baby problem she can’t solve. Consultations are easily arranged through the appointment system below.

Please email Cath at – for zoom consultations, home visits, pre-parenting class, post natal home visits

Areas of Expertise:

Childbirth and Parenting Education

Midwife Cath will come to your home to do classes one on one – if you live interstate or internationally email Midwife Cath  – to organise phone or Skype consultation.

Breastfeeding, sleep and settling, routines.

Breast Feeding does not come naturally to every woman. Midwife Cath has had great success helping women breastfeed, attach the baby to the breast and long term breastfeeding. Consult with Cath to problem solve any issues you have and to gain confidence with feeding your baby.

Living with toddlers ~ food & sleep disturbances

There’s no doubt having a toddler is challenging but it can be fun too! Ask Midwife Cath any questions you have and enjoy the benefit of her general toddler knowledge and years of experience. Her practical approach and advice will give you peace of mind.

Home Visits

I do home visit in Melbourne only. Please email Cath at – for dates and price.

Phone or zoom consultations

Book any consutation (Mondays) and email me.

I can do consultaions most days.

Please email me and together we can work out a day and time that suits us both to talk

Please note I will call from a private line and on time, so be ready by you  phone.

No refunds.

PLEASE NOTE – all times shown below are Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST). Be mindful of daylight savings.