Tips for playtime with baby in a pram

You do not need to stay at home for your baby to do my feed, play, feed, play routine during the day. The pram is a perfect space for your baby to do some tummy time and back time to help him learn to lift his head, to decrease the chance of a flathead (by doing more tummy time than back time) and you both y enjoying the fresh air for a walk once or twice a day.

  • Make sure your baby is well fed before leaving home
  • Take a change of clothes and nappy in your bag for emergencies!
  • Take cooled boiled water if you are bottle feeding or topping up your baby
  • Take some wraps to wrap for feeding
  • Walk with your baby in the pram on his back (no blanket or muslim cover, use pram cover if sun an issue)
  • After 10-15 minutes, place the baby on his tummy.  He can look at either end depends where you are standing.
  • Do tummy time as long as he is happy.
  • When he is protesting, pick him up and give him one breast.
  • When fed, pop him back into the pram on his back and walk again.
  • Repeat

The aim is not to walk non stop for an hour, rather enjoy outside the house in the fresh air and change your baby’s position frequently.  This will ensure he has lots of fresh air, lots of exercise, lots of milk to drink and then sleep. It’s a win win all round!!! Enjoy.


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