There is a baby under there!!

Covering prams with muslin wraps for some reason has become the norm for mums while walking babies. Our obsession with how long the baby must sleep during the day encourages mums to ‘de sensitise ’ the babies’ surroundings hoping he will sleep and not be disturbed by the outside world.

Look around at new mothers walking their babies, trying desperately for them to sleep by walking for kilometers with their prams covered by blankets or muslin wraps so the baby does not get ‘stimulated’ or even have the sun or air on him.

Take the blankets and wraps off the prams and let the baby look around plus it can get mighty hot and stuffy in the pram under the covers.

The babies need the sunshine and fresh air and you will both enjoy the walk more and most of all, while you are walking without a cover over the baby  can see your face, you can talk, sing and smile at your baby. Walk your baby after you have done plenty of feeding, play (tummy time or back time without play gyms or the baby in a bouncer or sitting) then more feeding and playing until your baby is ready to sleep.

There are a lot of other ways to help a baby to sleep other than walking for hours with the pram covered.  The baby will sleep in the pram while you are walking without a cover if tired enough (through play) and well fed (through feeding the baby enough and gaining weight). Your baby needs to see your face, look at the world around him and believe me he will sleep when he wants to…so enjoy walking your baby rather than making it a stressful mission to get him to sleep.


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