Let babies play

Mother nature has a plan for child development and we should not interrupt her plan which includes the following very basic steps.

Your baby needs to be on the floor for all of his play time.  And what I mean my the floor is flat on the floor, not in a seat, not in a walker, not in a swing, not in a bouncer, not in a jumper.  All these “objects” contain the baby and keep him not only in one spot but interrupt the natural flow of his development.  If you sit your baby in one spot the baby cannot explore his surroundings, learn, move and progress.

Keep play for your baby on the floor, flat on the floor on a clean rug.  Start this playtime routine from birth, giving the baby short periods of time after feeds on the floor and as he gets older gradually increase the time the baby has on the floor.  Babies don’t need too many toys jangling over them…they love their hands, feet and toes…lay him beside a window to look at a tree, a shadow.  They will find joy and happiness in Mother Nature.  We need to allow our babies to explore to learn rather than be stimulated constantly by noisy colourful objects.  You will find your baby loves to look at trees, shadows and they are fascinated by their own hands…easy and cheap too!

Tummy time starts in the first few weeks after birth.  Short periods of time on the tummy…especially when the baby has had a feed and is content.  Place the baby on his tummy for a minute or two after a nappy change.  After some time on his tummy feed the baby again and once settled put him back down on the ground on his back this time for a short period of time.  Every baby is different and will tolerate floor play for a variety of times so when your baby starts to protest and cry that is when floor time is over and you pick him up and feed him again.  A reminder here that you cannot over feed your baby.  For all the energy he is using on the floor by kicking his legs and looking around he needs lots of calories in ~milk…this keep your baby growing, putting on weight and more capable of sleeping better.

We don’t want to interrupt the plan of Mother Nature by putting the baby in rockers, swings & walkers, seats.  These objects keep the baby still and in one place and it stops the baby from exploring and moving on the ground.  The baby will learn everything on the ground.  Babies don’t get frustrated, they get determined.  Determined to grow, develop, move, grow…Mother Nature has a pan of development.

The process of normal development

Baby from birth will lay on their back looking around to light and movement.

Tummy time from birth the baby will be able to lift his head and turn his head from side to side while on his tummy

The baby will enjoy being on the floor on his back looking around, hands to his mouth and kicking his legs

Your baby will start to do 360 turns on the floor to begin his development.

Rolling from side to side is a developmental success!

Babies will crawl backwards before they crawl forwards ~ don’t be surprised if you find your baby under the couch.

Don’t sit a baby.  A baby needs to crawl first, and then be capable of sitting himself.  Sitting a baby in one spot stops normal development.

Babies will commando crawl and then get up on his all fours and rock…get ready he will take off soon!

A baby needs to crawl before he walks.

Crawling on his hands and knees are important for many levels of development.

A baby will pull himself up and cruise around the furniture, holding on for dear life!

When a baby is ready he will stand alone…legs apart and hands held high. It’s a picture of balance.  Mother Nature again in all her glory!

Again when ready a baby will take his first steps.  A few at first…then plop onto the floor.  With balance and courage off he goes…running


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