Cath does free education classes for everyone thanks to Cell Care  If your parents or brothers and sisters would like to join, it’s free for everyone! Go to Tummy Talks and book your spot.

Cath’s Classes

– Antenatal Class

– Postnatal Class

– Breastfeeding Class

– Infant First Aid and CPR

All classes are free...please book your place on

Home visits

A two hour home visit. Cath will come to your home and work out what issues you are having with your baby…Cath can help with all feeding and sleep issues. Please contact Cath directly on and she will organise a time that will suit you.

Zoom / phone consultations

A 60 minute zoom or phone call with Midwife Cath. Please contact Cath directly on to arrange a time that suits you and your family.

Ask Midwife Cath

A 20 minute chat with Cath. If you have an issue with your baby or a question about your pregnancy Cath can call you directly and work out any issue. Contact Cath on

Feeding Issues

Cath can solve any feeding issue you have with your newborn, baby or toddler. Please contact Cath at