Customised Feeding Plan

Feeding your newborn.  Have informed options before giving birth.

We all hear about birth plans and try and make informed choices about how we want the baby to enter the world; however, in many cases, things don’t always go to plan.  This is the same for feeding your newborn.  As a midwife for over 42 years, I often comfort and talk to distressed parents about what to do when breastfeeding for them doesn’t initially work. For some women, all the pieces of the puzzle come together and their newborn can be feeding from their breasts within minutes of their arrival.  For many other women, their milk doesn’t come through, they get sore and cracked nipples, suffer from mastitis, their babies may not attach properly and the list goes on. It comes to many women as a surprise when they discover that breastfeeding is not always that easy.

Prepare a feeding plan with Midwife Cath

I always tell my clients to come prepared with informed options.  Of course, breastfeeding is the preferred choice but for many, this may not be the only option.  For example, what happens if the baby is premature or sick? What if your baby is losing weight or crying all the time because it is still hungry? When does your baby need formula?

There are so many inconsistent messages through social media, published articles, friends, family, books etc… The aim of an informed feeding plan is to eliminate any confusion and conflicting advice and come to hospital knowledgeable and ready.  Trying to make decisions when you have just had the baby and are medicated, in pain and sleep deprived is extremely difficult.

Creating a tool to empower parents before the baby is born at around 34-36 weeks will allow parents to feel in control and prepared for the unpredictably of birth and what comes soon after.

Book a consultation with me and we can write a customised feeding plan so that you are prepared with the best options to feed your baby.


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