15 things a baby does not need!!

1. A swing –  babies do no t need swings they need the floor!

2. A walker – babies will walk when they are developmentally ready to and walkers are dangerous

3. Seats – babies do not need seats, they do not need to sit up until they can crawl – they need to play on the floor

4. Bath seats – babies need to relax and float in the bath.

5. Necklaces – they will not help your baby with teething, they can be dangerous.

6. White noise – they do not need white noise to sleep

7. An egg – that  tells  you the temperature in the babies room

8. An ear thermometer – you will know when your baby is so hot and sick

9. Shoes – until the baby is walking and running around the house!

10. A gourmet food menu – a baby needs good plain food.

11. Designer clothes – really?

12. Bumpers and toys in the cot – a serious danger for SIDS

13. Plastic rain covers on prams – fresh air is good and a little bit of rain won’t hurt the baby

14. Toys attached to their prams – they have hands and feet…they really find them interesting

15. Sleep school