SYDNEY – Master Class

The very popular and informative Midwife Cath Master Class series is back for 2019. Lovingly brought you by Bellamy’s Organic. The Sydney Master Class is suitable for pregnant mums and partners, new mums and partners plus all grandparents, nannies and carers.


where – Adina Apartment Hotel Sydney. 55 Shelley St; Darling Harbour. Sydney

when – Tuesday April 9th 2019

time – 9.30 – 1pm

topics – sleep, feeding (breast, formula, solids) play; behaviour; nutrition; Q&A;


To book send an email to

Cost – $150 per person attending

Pay – by Credit Card or Direct Debit

PLUS the number of people attending


parking – available

Lots of door prizes

Show bags worth over $80

Babies most welcome