Molluscum contagiosum

Molluscum contagiosum


Molluscum is a common viral skin infection that causes small raised spots to appear on the skin. They at first appear as white pimples before becoming round and pearl-coloured, with a white mark or dimple in their centre. The molluscum spots can stay on the body from anywhere between a few weeks and a year, but they are painless and harmless.


Signs and symptoms


-White spots that look like pimples.

-The white spots then become round and pearl coloured with a dimple or white mark in the centre.


Seek medical help IF


Molluscum usually requires no treatment. Sometimes, the skin around the spots can become infected, and you may need to see a GP. Your GP might decide to prescribe antibiotics to treat the infection, but the antibiotics will not treat the molluscum.


…and to maintain perspective


Your child’s body will fight and kill off the virus in its own time, which can be more than a year. The spots do not cause pain and usually don’t itch. Molluscum does not pose any threat to your child’s health and wellbeing and will not cause scarring, so it’s usually simply a matter of waiting it out.


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