Mittens are for kittens ~ baby nail and skin advice

Babies are born with dry skin. We all think dry skin needs moisturiser, but the best thing to do is leave it alone. The baby sheds the top layer of his skin over the first four to five weeks, and by the time he is six to ten weeks old, he has perfect skin. Don’t put any moisturiser, lotion or cream on your baby as it can cause irritation and infection.

New parents worry about fingernails. A newborn’s fingernails are soft and fine. The baby instinctively puts his hands to his face because this is what he was doing in utero. The nails might scratch on his face but won’t cause any damage.

I often see mittens on babies. Mittens prevent babies from having their fingers in their mouth, which is a normal part of being a baby. Mittens can be dangerous. They can come off inside the baby’s mouth, causing him to choke. The nails will not cause any damage to a baby’s face or eyes, because they are so soft.

If you are concerned about your baby scratching his face, you can gently file his nails with a soft emery board. This is to prevent any injury to the baby’s finger or fingernail. Some parents think biting the fingernail is best, which is not very hygienic and can cause infection to the baby’s finger.


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