Baby led weaning ~ some facts

Regarding “baby led weaning”. In Australia and USA “weaning” means giving up breast feeding or nursing the baby. In the UK “weaning” means adding food to the milk diet. It’s very important for new mothers to understand that milk is the primary food for a baby under 12 months of age with food or “solids” as an education and secondary to milk. Babies need to eat food that is appropriate, safe and the baby is developmentally capable of moving the food around their mouth and swallowing. Food to start giving your baby should start “from the ground”…fruit and vegetables. Soft, safe and clean.

Start your baby on a small amount (a half a teaspoon) of rice cereal mixed with breast milk or formula.  Slowly increase day by day. Food at this stage is an education and we need to make the feeding experience safe and relaxed for both the baby and the parents.